May 4th 2014

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The Diary of a Bipolar Bear

The Diary of a Bipolar Bear

May 4th 2017

Dear Diary,

Undressing in under 2 hours of my first Grindr match was not the plan, but I only regret not wearing a Toupee and Eye contacts, so that I never have to see him again. 

I want meaningless casual sex between the hours of 11pm-2am but I’m not sure how to approach that with my prospects. Luckily, I was able to meet my soulmate/Grindr-match. I just loved it when I got the wiener pic with a profile shot of the abs and an address. 

Manifestation is real!!!!!

When his grey beard started rubbing my face it was a whole new reality though. Snapping out of my daydreams while he was strapping me to the wall for dungeon play made me realize I was still manic. And that I should have asked for a headshot. I’m not used to thinking things through though.

I hope the rope burned singed hairs aren’t too obvious. NEVER doing bondage on the first date again! Not until we are in a healthy relationship. I have standards dammit.

It’s too easy for me to fool around with people like breathing dildos and then leave them like an old condom when I’m manic. I wonder how non-bipolar people date? Where will I find a good guy with an actual Netflix Account? It’s always no Netflix and all chill.

I’m nervous about my second match tonight because drinks on a date can’t ever end well. Am I even “Dating” these people? I don’t even know anymore. I just want a good man with credit and handcuffs. Fuck it! I’ll join Plenty of Seals instead. 

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Bobby Jenkins

Bobby Jenkins is a lovely polar bear who battles Bipolar Disorder and has the style of a BEAR in the gay community.He was raised by a single mother, who doesn't understand him, and has two seemingly perfect sisters too.He attended one year of Undergrad at the Arctic College of Art and Design with a Major in Fashion Studies and a Minor in Nude Life Drawing. However, due to an unfortunate manic event, involving a Professor, two seals, and a very fishy salmon, Bobby was asked to take an indefinite leave of absence.Since then, Bobby has worked odd jobs to support his life of clubbing, frustration, and obsessing over really hot bears.His dream is to leave the Arctic behind and move to the bright lights of Chicago where the coolest bears and cubs from around the world work hard and play even harder.

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