The Book ‘You Are A Badass’ Made Me Laugh And Learn

Posted by Amber Adams | May 8, 2018 | Reviews, Self Esteem | 0 |

The book “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” is a must read in my opinion. It’s an excellent and hilarious introductory self-help book where Sincero shares her path of failures and successes to what brought her to being her strong present self.

You Are a Badass is more sassy than academic, but it’s laced with many breakthroughs throughout. It’s steeped in humor which makes it an easy read with chapter names that include: ”Your Brain Is Your Bitch” and “Lead with Your Crotch”- to illustrate the point.

Jen covers her bases when it comes to topics including personal power, validation, and fear-banishing techniques. She shines a light on subconscious factors that drive our thoughts and reactions- which helped me become hyper-aware of my thoughts and decisions.

Jen Sincero says we need to treat ourselves like the closest friend we’ve got and I took this bit to heart. After a lengthy breakup, I realized I couldn’t rely on my besties to fill up all the time I spent with my EX. I knew I had to look within, get busy and build a friendship with myself. Since reading this book, I’ve discovered my inner Badass. I’ve joined conferences, networking events and even some online groups!!

Also, Jen points out that you can’t base your own self-worth off of other people. Stop giving others power over your decisions by seeking approval and advice from unqualified people- it’s toxic. Things that I once did, like ask my single friends for relationship advice and my broke friends for money advice, are now a thing of the past. What was I thinking?

I was also deeply shook by the revelation that negative emotions are a spotlight into hidden parts of yourself. This means, the things that bother us about other people remind us of something that we hate in ourselves, or they trigger an insecurity in us that we have but may not realize. That was pretty mind-blowing to me, and I realized right away what was “bothering me” about certain people in my life- even just on Instagram! This was a huge breakthrough for me, and now I realize that I’m only responsible for what I say and do. My new goal is to respect myself instead of catering to the need of being liked, and I plan to “own my ugly” (emotionally, mentally) as Jen suggests.

These were only a few of the takeaways from You Are a Badass as I could go on for days about every little change it helped me make. This book hit me with laughs as I turned the pages and because of that I retained all the information quite easily. You Are a Badass is impactful and one that I highly recommend for you as well. “You don’t have to hit rock bottom to make a change. You can just decide.” Now it’s up to you.

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