My Boyfriend is Addicted to Everything

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

The love of my life and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with has a Gambling Addiction. He’s been blowing all his money at Poker Night and Bachelor Parties in Vegas. He even tells me that they do cocaine when they gamble. The other day my credit card was declined and my banks statements show that he’s been playing online gambling. I’m trying to save for our house and wedding, but he’s accumulating debt and insists there’s “no problem” because he makes enough with “seasonal construction” to pay me back next year and we’ll “be together forever.” I also don’t want to encroach on his guys nights with his friends. What’s my next step?

Dear My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Everything,

You let that Toddler of a man know that playtime expenses come only AFTER The household expenses, debts, and savings come BEFORE playtime – no matter who the fuck his friends are. In fact, doing cocaine and gambling is a recipe for imploding your home life and not being able to afford brunch – or a place to live – the next day. It’s all fun & games now, but what if he finesses access to your future children’s college fund. And what else will he gamble with? Remortgaging the house? Although it’s good that he feels comfortable sharing with you- you need to set boundaries for this male Lindsay Lohan before he sees you (and your accounts!) as a walking target.

If you don’t set up consequences for him violating your trust and credit cards – it will give him free reign to not get help. It’s basically permission to act like an angsty teen when prioritizing financially. Let’s be clear: YOU WILL NOT REACH YOUR GOALS WITH THIS DICKBAG’S SPENDING AND DRUG HABITS. So pick what matters most to you. Whether it’s him- or a DEPENDABLE FUTURE. 

He obviously has deeper issues that he’s not dealing with because that’s why addicts are addicts. They are filling a void or an emptiness. They are chasing a high that can never be fulfilled. He needs help and he needs it now or he’ll take you down with him.

Maybe losing you is the lesson he needs to learn. I know if someone lost me they’d regret it in diamonds. Fuck spades! 

xo Judge Mental Jones

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