My Boyfriend’s Unstable and I Don’t Love Him Anymore

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I’m falling out of love with my boyfriend and  he’s unstable. He’s threatened suicide the last time I left him. He grew up in a rough home, so he’s always overbearing and constantly restricting my social media and alone time with my friends. He’s slowly lost his friends circle, and burned his rapport with colleagues with his confrontational demeanour. If I leave him, I fear he has nothing, or could come for me. How do I break it to him?

Dear My Boyfriend’s Unstable and I Don’t Love Him Anymore,

I’m not sure what attracted you to him in the first place. Most likely that somewhere in your family, you have someone like him that makes it all too familiar. But now you want out and I don’t blame you one bit. This guy has nothing going on and he needs to sit in his own shit for awhile. 

I don’t know this guy but he obviously can’t see past his own fucking face. He could be a narcissist, a psychopath, or have numerous mental health issues, and none of these things are your responsibility. So first things first, you take care of yourself, and fuck this guy and his needs. 

So how do you break up with this total mess of a human being? There’s not going to be an easy way with him. Personally, if this were me, I’d move homes, change my email, shutdown down my social media accounts, and change my phone number. If I found anyone this threatening, I’d leave a note and disappear. I’m not fucking around when it comes to unstable motherfuckers.

However, if you’re braver than me, you can literally read him the question you sent to me. Then say, it’s not me – it’s you. Or say “I’m fucking 8/11 people that liked my last photo. And then actually fuck them so that you can earn these bullshit accusations so his fears can self actualize. Then his small-dick minded self can learn to stop speaking things into existence. 

Make a public breakup post like “THIS PSYCHO KEEPS ME LOCKED UP AND IS THREATENING SUICIDE.” I’d say go public with his wild ass. It will go all Harvey Weinstein and those friends and colleagues that were once victim to his American Psycho shit will become your new support group. You have been prioritizing his batshit crazy life, over you having a happy life, by allowing these threats and abuse. You need to focus on living your BEST LIFE and make a choice in your heart of hearts without this manipulation keeping you with him. That’s a shitty premise for a relationship! 

xo, Judge Mental Jones

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