How Do I Breakup With My Psycho Boyfriend?

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

At first, I guess I didn’t care or not, but my current boyfriend dating has no longterm friends, and of the friends he does have, he’s very vindictive towards them if he doesn’t get his way. Over time, he’s also shown that he has an explosively violent temper and it’s just frightening to be around. Now, I want to break up with him, but I’m scared. He almost turned on me last time I brought up “other ways” of handling the conflict and ever since then, he’s been weary of me and become jealous of people commenting on my social media posts. And he’s been keeping tabs on where I am through the day too. When I do breakup with him, I’m scared he’ll stalk me or become violent, how can I protect myself? 

Dear My Boyfriend Was Secretly A Psycho This Whole Time And Now I Must Break Up With Him,

Pull this infected band-aid off as fast as you can. This virus will infect you the longer you’re around him- it will not self-heal. If you live with him, which you didn’t mention, then I think you should do the sneak out while he’s at work as to never see him again. If not, break up with him in public, unless you don’t even want to see his face due to fear, so just do it by text.

You were duped into thinking he had no issues but the real person couldn’t stay buried forever. This temper lover is the real him and breaking up with him is the right thing to do, as he’s been committing a form of fraud.

There are some psycho pricks that will notch up the control when they sense you leaving, and you need to prepare to get assertive with this intemperate brute by blocking him (if you have to). If you get any whiff that he’s been stalking you online or in person, buy some bear mace and get a restraining order. I’m not kidding.

This may seem like I’m overdoing it, but this is your life, and if you feel scared, then I’m here to help protect you.

Be safe!

xo Judge Mental Jones

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