How Can Friends And Family Help Support People With Postpartum Depression?

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Hi Everyone! It’s me! Ellis! I know you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been lately because I haven’t posted anything in a real long time, but I’ve got a very good reason for my absence and everything. Besides work and binging on Netflix, I’ve been doing my best to support my friend Jordi who’s been battling postpartum depression.

First, let me tell you that postpartum depression can hit anyone and it’s nothing you should be ashamed about. I mean, it’s crummy and all, but it’s something out of your control and sharing your experience is really valuable to others battling the same thing. With that said, I still respect the right to privacy like my friend Jordi wants, so with her permission, I’ve changed her name to meet her needs.

And this is the number one thing I’ve learned through this crummy period, and it’s how to be the best supportive friend or family member possible. You know, cause, her parents have been really crummy and don’t understand why she’s thinking bad thoughts about herself. Jordi has even said that she wants to die and instead of listening and being supportive, her parents have been challenging her and making issues about themselves, and it’s not been helpful at all. AT ALL! I mean, if there were a crumbum king and queen of Crummyville, it would be her parents. I’m sure my parents would have been the same, and it’s one of the many reasons I left my planet to come to earth in the first place. I guess it doesn’t matter where you go, sometimes parents just don’t understand. I’m pretty proud of myself because I just threw in a DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince lyric there.

The crummiest thing was when her mom said ‘When I had a baby, I didn’t have time to be depressed’ and that’s when Jordi turned a shade of red that was darker than me! Can you believe that? I’m pretty red, so that’s how mad she got. Then there was a lot of foul language used that I can’t repeat because it was so bad and then her mom cried and cried and stormed out of the house. Now when Jordi calls her mom and dad, they refuse to pick up the phone. This behavior just made me sooooooo angry. Your daughter is having a very difficult time, and you’re making it about you!!! It was the crummiest thing ever, and I felt terrible for Jordi. So I did something that friends do, and I went to her parent’s house to have a stern word with them.

I sat these two crum-bums down and said “by golly, you two need to change your attitude and you have to do it right now! You’re being super crummy, and it’s not fair.” Then I showed them this Youtube video so they could listen to others about what they went through and I tried to explain that Jordi feels alone and they need to rally around her instead of isolating her further.

And after watching the video, and me crying a little, they finally started to understand what crummingtons they were being. And ever since then, they’ve been saying the right things, helping with chores and giving Jordi the space she needs when she asks for it.

AND!!!!!!!! I’m super happy to say that Jordi has been on medication for awhile and has turned the corner. She’s back to her old self and feeling good about living again, and that makes me super happy because I wouldn’t want to live in a world without Jordi. She’s the best.

Thanks for reading and I love you people too!

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