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Like many things in life, you get the good and the bad all together. For those living with PTSD, most of the time you only see the debilitating bad. However, if you’re able to take a step back, there are many strong qualities that the PTSD fight has brought out of you.

A strength has been created within you, and it’s time for you to take note of what you’re made of. You should be proud of yourself for making it this far, and you should always count these wins. PTSD, in a strange way, has made you a more resilient person, and most likely, a more empathetic person. It’s the silver lining surrounding the dark clouds.

Today’s postcard was made on behalf of the warriors you’ve become, as we take the opportunity to tell PTSD to go straight to hell, but in a ruder and more satisfying way.

Big bear hugs from everyone at Massive Phobia.

The canadian rockies Post card

Honor & Frustration


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Below are some curated books for those suffering with PTSD, as well as books for loved ones about Communication and use of Vocabulary. All come highly recommended by the Massive Phobia staff.

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Paul Smith (not to be confused with the designer) is just a regular guy from Toronto, whom at one time was a soldier in the Canadian Army.After his discharge, Paul showed an aptitude as a traveling salesman (after he was let go from the Travelodge in Saskatchewan) for various products that have been seen on the Home Shopping Network.He feels the freedom of traveling across the beautiful lands of Canada help with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related issues.He's a big fan of the Best Western Hotel Chain, Post Cards, Word Searches, His Nephew, Baked Goods, and His Old Friends That Understand/Accept Him.His dislikes include his Sister, Fireworks, Weapons, People Who Laugh Without Opening Their Mouths, Babies, Google Glass, White Chocolate, and The Sound Tennis Players Make When They Hit A Ball.

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