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Most people think that to have PTSD, something truly awful must be the cause, such as war trauma, or abuse and assaults of all kinds. However, this is not always the case, and it’s in these little things where emotions can get really tricky.

The below postcard was created for the people that have PTSD from seeing objects or pictures and all of a sudden; it hits them in a visceral way. They begin to feel the effects of PTSD, and it can become embarrassing because it wasn’t something BIG. Please don’t be dismissive of your feelings or experience of what triggered you. There is no shame in having PTSD from something you may think is insignificant.

The reality of what is going on inside you is real and its something that you need to tend to and talk about with others. Please don’t let shame and embarrassment get in the way of getting the help you need.

If any of this sounds like you or a loved one, then this Canada Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Card is just for you.


Niagara falls postcardI Was On Reddit

Dear Dad,

I was on Reddit last week and a guy said he was having PTSD from a  picture he saw. He left a link and of course I clicked on it because I’m my father’s son. I’m pretty embarrassed to admit this but I’m having the same symptoms now. It makes me feel weak and less of a man.

Love, Paul

P.S. Reddit is a website that old people won’t understand. Stick to Facebook.

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Paul Smith (not to be confused with the designer) is just a regular guy from Toronto, whom at one time was a soldier in the Canadian Army.After his discharge, Paul showed an aptitude as a traveling salesman (after he was let go from the Travelodge in Saskatchewan) for various products that have been seen on the Home Shopping Network.He feels the freedom of traveling across the beautiful lands of Canada help with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related issues.He's a big fan of the Best Western Hotel Chain, Post Cards, Word Searches, His Nephew, Baked Goods, and His Old Friends That Understand/Accept Him.His dislikes include his Sister, Fireworks, Weapons, People Who Laugh Without Opening Their Mouths, Babies, Google Glass, White Chocolate, and The Sound Tennis Players Make When They Hit A Ball.

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