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If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder there will be times when you feel extremely exhausted and you have no idea what caused it all.

Naps are now a necessity.

There are both psychological and physical factors that cause us to feel so fatigued and here’s a list of them.

Some of the psychological factors of PTSD that can cause us to be exhausted are:

  •  Stress–when anyone gets stressed it’s likely to cause them to feel tired. When someone who has PTSD gets stressed, it can make him/her/they feel exhausted.
  • Depression–one of the symptoms of PTSD is depression, and when you’re feeling down it is likely to make you tired and want to sleep.
  • Hypervigilance–feeling like you are constantly on alert or waiting for something bad to happen, takes a toll.
  • Acting like everything is okay–often times, those of us with PTSD don’t want to let others know that we are suffering. Pretending as if everything is alright when it’s not, is draining.
  • Triggered–when something triggers our PTSD symptoms to act up and fight, flight, or freeze kicks in, we can definitely feel worn out when the crisis is over.

If any of this all sounds like you or a loved one, then the below Canada Post Card By Paul was made just for you. Hugs.

Saskatoon Postcard

Victor is Pretty Cool

Dear Henry,

I know you think I’m lazy but that’s just not true. My fatigue is due to my stress as it makes me tired all the time

I’m just as good at my job as anyone else here. Well, with the exception of Victor, as he’s a pretty cool dude.

Love, Paul

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