Canada Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Voldemort of Phobias

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I was on the road for a solid four weeks when a friend of mine texted me about a show she was curating a monthly event called Trampoline Hall at The Garrison Bar in Toronto. It’s an event where three different people take the stage and present a subject they’re not an expert in and for a few weeks prior, they must learn about the subject and then present it to everyone in the most entertaining way possible. At the end, the audience gets to ask them questions.

It all sounded innocent enough. What could go wrong? So I made a switch in my delivery route and dropped off the rest of the Toilet Bowl Lights to my account in Kitchener, so I’d then need to pick up a whole new batch at the home office in Toronto.

And in case you are wondering what a Toilet Bowl Light is, it’s a fantastic product for seniors and other people who go to the bathroom often in the middle of the night. Just imagine all your lights being off and you go to the bathroom, and you don’t know where anything is due to the darkness, but with a Toilet Bowl Light, that problem is solved. It’s motion activated and perfect for those late night trips. No more falling! And it’s a soft light so it won’t wake you. My dad swears by it.

Anyway, at the show, the second presenter was discussing ‘The Void’, and this topic could have gone in many directions, and it did unfortunately. She discussed how she saw ‘This Phobia’ on the internet and by ‘This Phobia’ I mean that I can never name it because it gives me terrible visions, I get nauseous, I feel weak, I wince, I want to cry, and in some instances, I do cry. So it’s the Voldemort of Phobias. He who must not be named. That’s a Harry Potter reference for those of you that have lost all your child like sensibilities.

Thankfully she moved on quickly from mentioning ‘Voldemort’, but my trouble wasn’t over. During the question and answer period, a man wanted to know what phobia ‘Voldemort’ was, and they began to discuss.

The images hit me straight in my gut, and I started wincing. It had only been 25 seconds of talking, and I knew they were going further, and I needed it over right there and then. Unable to control myself, I just blurted out “Please Stop” as If I was dying.

The host of the night said something along the lines of “This person says it’s real.” I responded by saying, “It’s real and please stop, and you don’t want to know about it. But please do stop.”

And they stopped, thank the heavens, and I was sweaty, and I was on edge. And thankfully that was the last of the questions as I now wanted to leave the premises and I did.

I don’t even remember if I said goodbye to my friend. I just needed away from all people at that moment. And that was it. I was gone.

And I will never mention the phobia because I never want you to experience PTSD for ‘This Phobia’ when it can be avoided. You’ll thank me one day but hopefully not because I’m not too big on being praised.

Anyways, thanks for listening.

If you or a loved one is battling PTSD or CPTSD, please do get help if you’re not getting any right now. If you need to talk to anyone right away, our friends at Better Help are here for you by just CLICKING HERE.

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