Ghosts and Demons and Shadows! Oh My!

Ghosts and Demons and Shadows! Oh My! is a silly little drawing game but also an "exorcise" (I just had to) in self-exploration.

It was inspired by my very own Demon of Self Doubt.

Demon of Self Doubt

Seems only fair that I honor him by drawing him first, as I had a hell of a time getting him out on paper.

In essence, it is about naming these fragmented parts of self and seeing them for what they are. If you can identify those voices, you get a little space from them, and they then start to lose some of their power over you. Self-honesty helps us to clear away the clutter and debris, bringing us closer to our true selves, thus, giving us some room to breathe and some freedom. Besides this is pretty fun!!

(Oh, and if you folks want to hear the back story of all the ideas and resources that got garbled together in the back of my mind to come up with this game, let me know, and I will try to piece together the backstory.)

Ok, so you want to play? :)

Demons - The things that possess you and take you over. The little devils that sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear even though you probably know better than to listen.

Ghosts - The things that haunt you. Maybe someone else's voice from the past that echoes in your head, clouding your present moment.

Shadows - What lurks beneath your surface and peaks out into the peripheral when your guard is down, and yes we all have them. These are the trickiest to see, understand, and to explain, so stay tuned for a post all about shadow work. It's super fascinating.


So first off, we are not getting literal here. (whether you are yay or nay, this has nothing to do with the paranormal, so all you believers and skeptics out there can just simmer down;) We are only dealing in regards to the spooks of our psyche.

Don't get too stressed out about deciding which of the ghouls is yours. Although there are distinct differences between them, there is sure to be some bleed-over. Some might fit into more than one category, so just pick one. It's a metaphor after all.

It can be a doodle or a masterpiece. We welcome all skill levels and any mediums you feel inspired to create with. Also, feel free to recreate your own versions. My monsters are sure to manifest differently than yours, and I imagine we all share many in common.

When I drew my first demon, I let myself dig deep to conjure up all the bad feelings. Instead of either pushing away the discomfort and trying to ignore it or to getting swept away by the story, I let myself be very present to everything that was arising. It was only once I had given him a good look in the eye; I put pen to paper. Gotta say it was pretty cathartic for me.

Let us know who you brought out to play. Tell us who you opted to represent. (The Demon of Self Doubt, Ghost of Discontent, and Demon of Are You &%#!ing Kidding Me!, were my first visitors.)

So if you're feeling inspired to get some of your Ghosts, and Demons, and Shadows out of your head, and into the real world, we would sure love to see'em!

To Submit your Ghosts and Demons and Shadows. Email us at


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