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Anemophobia: Fear of Air Drafts or Wind

Anemophobia is the fear of air drafts or wind. If you think you might suffer from this phobia, read on to see what it is, the symptoms, and ways to treat it.

Phronemophobia: Fear of Thinking

Phronemophobia: Fear of Thinking

Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking. If you think you may suffer from this phobia, read on for more information about it.

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Megalophobia: Fear of Large Objects

Megalophobia is not a well-known phobia, but it does affect many people. This phobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of unusually large things.

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Philophobia: Fear of Falling in Love

People who suffer from philophobia often find themselves feeling isolated and alone because they are afraid to let anyone close to them.

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Taphephobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive

People with taphephobia often fear being buried alive. Read on for more information about this phobia and how to deal with it.

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Teleophobia: Fear of Making Definite Plans

For some people, the very act of planning can be terrifying. This is because they suffer from teleophobia – the fear of making definite plans.

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Chiroptophobia: Fear of Bats

People fear many things, but one of the most common phobias is a fear of bats. This article will discuss chiroptophobia and how to overcome it.

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Atelophobia: Fear of Imperfection

This article discusses how atelophobia, the fear of imperfection, can play a significant role in people’s lives and what treatment options are available.

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Verbophobia: Fear of Words

Do you have fear of words? If so, you might have verbophobia. If so, read on for information on symptoms, treatments, and ways to manage your phobia.