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Our latest Community Collaboration from C. Essex got me thinking about intimacy and loneliness in a new way. I think most of us have had the feeling of being lonesome in a room full of loved ones. How sometimes the people that are supposed to know you best don’t seem to know you at all, and I guess we all have our secret lives in one way or another so perhaps that is part of it. But can you relate to this poem?


Intimacy is a strange animal, often we think of it as something that builds on context and history. The more we share, the more we get to know, the more deeply a connection can grow. Mostly that is pretty true, but there is another truth. Sometimes all of that context and history can blind us to the person before us; it can build walls that keep us from seeing the truth. It becomes a screen of the past that blurs from seeing the person present before us. We see what we expect; we see what we project, we see the person we imagine. Sometimes being observed in a simple moment by a total stranger is the most honest revealing of self we can have. I am not entirely sure how it makes me feel to ponder on this idea, but I for one can relate to our author. How about you?

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