My Cousin Is A Sex Worker And The Stigma Is Killing My Aunt

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Dear Judge Mental Jones, 

I grew up with my cousin ,who is like my sister, and she’s been flying off the handles lately. She started doing sex work and shaved her head and posted a video online insisting that sex work is Feminism. My incredibly conservative Aunt & Uncle, who basically raised me, are traumatized and it’s creating a divide in the family. She recently asked to move in with me so that I can keep an eye on her while she’s meeting clients. If I do, my Aunt and Uncle will disown me. I’m caught between everything.

Dear My Cousin Is A Feminist Sex Worker,

Everyone’s a fucking feminist til the bill comes on a date. THEN they expect to be PAID for their TIME .. but not the male on the same date? Cool cool cool. Spoilert alert: your cousin’s doing sex work because SHE wants to fuck for cash. NOT because it’s feminism. If she moves in with you and this “Feminist”- takes her clients into your home, then you are effectively a Pimp selling protection with no commission. And YOU will also need protection from clients and legalities.

I’m all for sex work, don’t get me wrong. There shouldn’t be a stigma around it but there obviously is and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’m not at all surprised that you described her parents as conservatives. Just implement an overbearing rules-based parenting system and- VOILA! You have the breeding grounds for a sex worker. And if this deflecting-ass cousin convinces you that moving her in will save her… YOU’RE nuts. It will enable her. And of COURSE the parents will hate you because you’ve become an accomplice. Tough love is a thing for a reason. You need a fake boyfriend or roommate or landlord agreement telling her HELL NO she can’t move her issues into YOUR life/house. 

After you tell her she can’t move in, maybe help her find another sex worker to be her friend, that she can trust. Or tell her to only go to hotels with cameras, or get a condo with a camera system built in. You can be supportive without being codependent.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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