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The Critics have been raving about My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It handles the topic of mental health very tastefully, and we’ll be discussing Season 3 in this article.

The premise of the show is that Rebecca, a 38-year-old who works at a prestigious law firm in NYC, randomly quits and moves to a town to follow her high school crush. Without going into to depth and ruining the season, things spiral and Rebecca is then left to battle with depression.

Within her battle, Rebecca must deal with cyclical negative thoughts as she tries to figure out where she’s moving and the choices she’s made. We’ve all considered a change of locations as a solution to problems. But when I ran away to Vietnam for a month, I still came home to the same damn problems. But compulsiveness and self-sabotaging tendencies are popular among those that battle mental illness.

Eventually, Rebecca’s issues become known to people outside of her family and her friends begin showing their support in different ways. Some more tasteful than others and I’ve bet we’ve all been this position before. I know I have.

Once everyone knows what’s happened with your mental health, like Rebecca in the show, you then get some anxiety about how you’ll be treated. You’ll start thinking, ‘What’s my plan?’ ‘What will life be like after this? How will I be treated socially and professionally?’ I remember when I was diagnosed with Bipolar. I kept thinking how this would affect my career, relationships, and social lives. What would I tell people? Who could I tell?

However, being diagnosed helped changed my life, and it does the same for Rebecca. I think this is why this show resonated with me so much in the end (Well, that and it is has a lot of laughs too). When you finally know what’s going on with you, it brings you hope. Rebecca becomes optimistic that she will find a new tribe of people who share her diagnosis and will understand her for being her. It’s something I did when the same thing happened to me.

I think we all find freedom and a new level of self-awareness when we can name our disorder, acknowledge the symptoms and take steps toward treatments. The bravery that goes into creating a new normal is beautifully encapsulated in this show, and I highly recommend checking it out for the realism sprinkled with the right amount of comedy.

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