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With all of the writing I have been doing on clutter lately I don’t have a whole lot to say on the matter just now (like this one if you’re curious- Confessions of Chaos). But I would like to say that I found my first submission to  Creators of Chaos Unite to be very cathartic. I had hoped that this project would help to dissipate some of the silent suffering that clutter can cause just through simply sharing our experiences, but I was surprised to find how much being creative in the process also helped to reframe the subject in my brain (a little at least). Turns out it was not only therapeutic to make art from the bedlam of my disorganization but also pretty fun, so I thought I would share another:)

 We are also set to launch Creators of Chaos Unite as our very next creative contest on August 14th, 2017. Yay! Contest!
Can’t wait to see what’s lurking in behind your closed doors and drawers, but even more to see how you get crafty with it!! Happy creating everybody..


The rise and swell of my disaster are tides in my life. They mark my wellness and my falls from grace, they are the sedimentary substance that etches the passing’s of my time. This lofty good intention, that misstep, a few good days, a long string of bad ones. It is all captured here in the sprawl of my belongings.

Little Known Fact:

The Massive Phobia HQ is quite possibly the messiest office space you’ll ever see. It turns out, our Chief Messy Operator, Edward Ernest, sweeps everything into a drawer before everyone shows up for the day. If you actually opened all the available drawers, you’d be shocked. I found one with three pizza boxes inside amongst a plethora of unopened junk mail, lint, coins, and professional documents.

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