Crummy Is The Acronym For My Life

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Hey Everyone! It’s me, Ellis! And if you’ve been reading my blog posts for awhile now, you know that I use the word crummy a lot because I get frustrated so much and other things but there’s also a real good reason for it too.

A long time ago, my friend and boss, Laurel Leaside (She’s the best!), asked me “Hey, Ellis, if you had to choose one thing that you think you’re best at in life, what would that be?”

And I got really nervous about this question because I never thought about it before and I didn’t want to answer it in the wrong way. I felt so much pressure, and it was only a simple question too. I started sweating and when I start sweating it gets really embarrassing. And then I started thinking really crummy things about myself, and there I go with the word crummy, and then I got even more nervous, and I just wanted to run away and hide.

Somehow I managed to have my crum-bum make a mountain out of a molehill. Actually, it wasn’t even a molehill at all. It was more like taking a cute puppy and turning into Pennywise from the movie IT, which is quite terrifying and I shouldn’t have gone to see it, but my crum-bum of a self did, and now I can’t sleep.

So Crummy!!

Laurel Leaside could tell something was wrong with me because she’s just intuitive like that and asked me “Ellis? Did I just trigger you? I didn’t mean to if I did, what’s going on inside your fascinating yet overworked brain right now?”

I like it when she calls my brain fascinating, and that put me at ease right away. It made me feel smart and appreciated, like someone took notice of me, and I like that lots. I’m sure everybody likes feeling appreciated like that all the time and wants that feeling whenever they can get it. That’s why I like Earth more than my planet. For moments like these.

Hmmmmmmm……Where was I? Yes! Feeling appreciated! And then I told Laurel how the question set me off and then my crum-bum started to work against me. And that’s when the light went off in my red head/body cause it’s all one thing, and I blurted out, “If I were in the Olympics, I’d win a gold medal for being crummy to myself.”

And nothing could have ever been more true.

And then I started to cry. And then Laurel consoled me, and I liked that cause she gives good hugs. And then, like a lighting flash to my brain, this acronym came flying across my eyeballs in giant picture form for extra emphasis, and I yelled it out with an unstoppable force for Laurel to hear. “CRUMMY is Constant Reminders Undermining My Mighty Yumminess.”

And then Laurel laughed out loud for real, but not in a mean-spirited way like she was making fun of me, cause that would be the crummiest and would make her a giant crum-bum. She laughed because “Of the route you took to conclude what everyone already knew about you, Ellis. You are the yummiest you. No one is yummier than you.”

And that made me cry. And then Laurel cried. But good tears, not crummy tears. And I remind myself every day to try and not have Constant Reminders Undermining My Mighty Yumminess and I think if you’re reading this and you’re like me, then you should too. Let’s all try and do this together because we’re all yummy and we deserve to treat ourselves in the best way possible.

So Stay Yummy & Not Crummy.

Love, Ellis

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