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For my first six years in sales, I never took a vacation. I loved the grind and the hustle and glory of it all. I didn’t know I had a mental illness at the time, and I mistook the highs and lows as “part of the game” in sales. It wasn’t until my first vacation (read: mental breakdown) that I realized how hindering the structure of a 9-5 was for my mental health.

After moving to New York for a manic stint, I became addicted to business books by Startup Gurus Gary Vaynerchuk & Tim Ferriss. Once I became a consultant, my mental health accelerated, my time freed up to get a diagnosis and treatment, and I was able to manage my tasks better (dividing them into high and low energy).

During my last bout of low energy, I consumed Gary Vaynerchuk’s newest book like a box of Oreos. It’s called Crushing It!: how great entrepreneurs build their business and influence and you can too. Gary built his personal brand into a $150M Media Company called Vaynermedia. He’s also an investor in Uber, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., and he shares the blueprint that got him there. So, if the 9-5 is hindering your sanity, and you’re looking to pivot into Entrepreneurship, then Gary Vee is the dude to listen to.

Crushing It! demonstrates that Personal Brands are for everyone. He insists that people care too much about the aesthetics of lighting, design, and format. Just document your life and let people know who you truly are, and you will find your “tribe” of like-minded people. The key is to be authentic. You can even document to create about how you are developing your own journey.

Here’s a Blueprint to building your own personal brand: 

1. Create a Facebook Page for a personal brand, because it’s the most used Social Media Platform.

2. Craft a content strategy and design your Facebook Page.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags for your niche, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Cross-platforms, and make native content- consider how people consume on different platforms: YouTube= Learning, Facebook = Family, Snapchat – Casual.

5. Collaborate to grow – find others with a large following, similar audience, exposure, and outsourcing skill sets. Collaborations and Partnerships are everything. Eventually, you’ll introduce Advertising Partnerships with Google and Sponsorships.

And THIS is an epic template to split a video up into micro-fragments for different platforms: 

1. Take YouTube Videos. 

2. Make 20 second snippets/clips on Instagram with subtitles underneath to keep them engaged.

3. Screenshots with Quotes on Facebook.

4. Extract the Audio – create a podcast.

5. Provide links (Cross-pollinate) profile, video, posts – so they can consume your information differently.

Crushing It! is an unbelievably helpful book, and it translates into a working business model with cash flow opportunities. It’s a modern version of self-help that induces self-awareness. Nailing down specific skills sets that you can share is rewarding, and it’s also amazing that we can find a tribe online because sometimes geo-location hinders us from connecting with like-minded people. I encourage you to share your truth and start building your personal brand today. Your mental health will thank you for it.

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