My Dad Is A Sociopath And Everyone’s Going To Hate Me

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My Dad is a remarkable CEO. Very intelligent, but he’s also a diagnosed sociopath. He’s currently “restructuring” his company, which is the main source of income for most families in our small town. Now I hear that he is firing my friends’ parents and he seems really calculated and embarrassingly unremorseful and it’s making it worse. My dad is really charming, so it’s not affecting him, but he’s also not listening to my concerns, and I feel like I’ll be held accountable for his lack of empathy and tact (their last day is the month before Christmas). How can I manage this shit show?

Dear My Dad Is A Sociopath And Everyone’s Going To Hate Me,

Before I get into my giant stash of anger, let me ask you this? Does your dad need to restructure this company to save it, or does he just want to be greedy and make more money than he was before, which I assume was/is tons?

If he needs to restructure to help the company survive, then he needs to do what he has to do. If he doesn’t do this now, then the whole town is out of work, and everyone is fucked.

However, based on your limited information, I’m going to assume that the company is still motoring along and making lots of money and now he just wants to be a dick and make more. If that’s the case, then your dad is just a sociopathic asshole. Trying to control a manipulative sociopath is actually fucking futile. There is little to no chance that your dad will be overcome with sympathy, and it’s not his fault(this is the way he’s wired). Trying to control someone or their reactions to it is a noble quest, but a failing one when your dad may be the devil incarnate.

Obviously, this puts you in a bad spot, and it may be hard to live in this town after this happens. I’m not the biggest advocate of running away, but in this case, it may be the best thing you can do. Who knows what the angry townspeople might do, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to chance it all.

I can’t believe I’m giving this advice, but I suggest you find another job out of the town and move. I really do. Safety first.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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