Delusions of Grandeur | The Sixth Sense of Benghazi | Hillary Clinton

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Many of you probably think that we’re bleeding heart liberals at this website. Well, you’re wrong. We’re just cynics. Some of us may even be nihilists. I stay away from those people at the water cooler, though. They scare me.

Now back to the lovely piece of art below. It’s a think piece about a terrible human named Hillary Clinton. At one time in her life, she was involved in politics and always seemed to say or do the wrong thing. It’s in her nature because she’s a gigantic narcissist with a grandiose sense of self. Hillary always seems to deflect responsibility for her actions, and it’s not an endearing trait. Do you have anyone in your life like this? Oh, Hillary.

I’m sure you’re thinking, is that picture below real? And to answer that question, we’ll respond with, Yes, this actually happened…….Wink Wink.

Enjoy our masterpiece.


The Sixth Sense of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton

The Sixth Sense of Benghazi | Hillary Clinton

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