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Dear Diary,

The dragons of exes past induce my manicism. 

I was late-night clicking on an FB event and I found Lee drunkenly hanging off this manwhooore and they both look coked out. Only I recognize the date… it’s a year ago! We’ve been together for 2. And the Triggers commence- sparking out of control. 
Lee has always downplayed his sluttiness during one of our break ups- but the photos don’t lie. In fact, there was no sluttiness, it was worse- it was one bear the whole time. The emotional aspect fucking stings. He didn’t reach out to me or try to connect at all because he was living it up Club life stylee with his new bearfriend. The cunt.
So when we got back together, I didnt think he’d hooked up with anyone until a bouquet of roses showed up st his place inscribed “I love you” with a name that was all too familiar. Chris. It was showing up in my Instagram views and in his comments. That butch!!! 
When I threw the flowers at him, Lee started furiously eating and chewing the flowers to shreds then threw them out. He insisted he was just as confused and furious. But I filmed him destroying it just incase they ever reconnected 😉 #Receipts
So once we worked our relationship out and the hoes were gone, I thought it was the last I would hear of Chris. Fucking Chris.
But no. There were suddenly all these club and event photos cropping up on my timeline from gay parties. And his friend Tom once brought Chris up in a recent party story… so the questions became more instense. How much did he fucking integrate this random hook up into his group!? More than ME!
So a year passed and now Lee is proud to call me his bf of 2 years. But scrolling through a gay party’s page last night I found a date-stamped photo of him with this fucking tramp from a year ago. WHERE THE FUCK WAS I!? 
Needless to say that things were thrown, threats of fucking his friends were made and I’m now at mowing down on sushi and wondering if he was with out him the night that he cancelled on our hotel reservation a year ago… *Sees red* *breaks a chop stick*
I don’t know if I can “proudly” be with someone “for 2 years” that was publicly claiming another bear EVERYWHERE (read:ig, gay bars, tags and comments) a year ago???! Never mind the fact that he’s a total fucking  psychopath…
Now I’m eating sushi, screening his calls, red in the face, wondering how a 1 month breakup can still be divulging new info a year later, while angrily scribbling into my diary- in public! Ugh, yet ANOTHER threat to my sanity. Yet another sushi roll with a side of Ativan. 
Now off to find tobaccoless blunts to fully sedate while I stew in my toxic emotions. UGGGHH !!!

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