Did My Family Give Me A Social Phobia?

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I’ve been afraid to approach women my whole life and now I’m 40 and I’ve only had two girlfriends ever. I can’t get over the nervousness and I’m afraid of being humiliated. To make matters worse, my family teases me about being gay too. I know I’m not gay but is it possible that I have some sort of social phobia

Dear I Come From A Family Of Assholes,

Before I get to you, I just want to point out that your family sounds like a real treat. TEASING people because they think they’re gay? I’m going to assume that they think being gay makes you less of a person or damaged goods. If so, fuck your family. Fuck them hard and fuck them long. Just a plain old, FUCK THEM!!! Uggghhhhh!!

Now back to you. I think you’ve developed anxiety over time based on my assumption that your family most likely has fucked you up since birth. I have a feeling they teased you about everything you’ve ever done, and it’s taken its toll by making you a nervous wreck around women and who knows what else. I’m assuming your self-esteem has been shattered across the spectrum, but I may be wrong. I’m wrong lots, but that’s the conclusion I’m jumping to here. Anyway, If I’m correct about your family, then you’re surrounded by toxicity, and you need to get away from them and start rebuilding yourself.

You’re deserving of love, and you’re worthy of it in every way. You need to rebuild your confidence from the bottom up. It’s not going to be easy, and you’ll need to put in the work, but eventually, you’ll get there. You may need to start seeing a therapist, or go to group sessions(possibly at a local church), find forums to talk to people about it on the internet, or if you find any reputable workshops online or in person, sign yourself up. There are great books out there like Daring Greatly, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, The Four Agreements, or The Gifts Of Imperfection. Just pick one of these up and start from there.

Maybe download Tinder, but take it slow. Baby step your way, so then every step you take after seems safer and less daunting. You can do this!!

One last thing….Fuck your family, those piece of shit homophobes.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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