The Difficult Conversations of Kim Jong-Un

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Usually, I’m on the road, doing what I do best, selling advertising for this very website that you’re reading. But occasionally I’ll get the phone call from the bleeding heart liberals that run this site, asking me to blog about a product because I’m the master of capitalism.

These leftist libtards didn’t hire me because they liked me, they hired me because I have no morals or values (due to growing up with parents who have no morals or values) and they don’t have the guts or the intestinal fortitude to do what it takes to sell. They’d rather leave that in my inbox so they can sleep better at night.

With all that being said, I’m beyond the best at my job, and my employers know this. And do you know how I know this? The answer is pretty simple. It’s because they told me.

You see, to be me, you need to be a master of psychology and to know how to talk to people. And do you want to know the secret of knowing how to talk to people? It’s another simple answer. It’s called listening.

Did I just blow your mind? You read that correctly. The secret to having conversations with people is the art of not talking. It’s to listen. Before I began negotiations on my outrageously large contract with this website for lemmings, I gave them the book Difficult Conversations to read and asked them to finish it before we began discussions.

Everyone involved came to the table with their ears open, and actually listened to the others wants and needs. All parties felt like they were heard and everyone felt like they were completely understood. This created a mutual respect, even though I think they’re hippie socialists, and they think I’m a radical sociopath. None of us are wrong, but we’ve talked it all out, and actually understand what makes each other tick. I understand their needs, and they understand mine. And now together, we can both work to serve each other’s needs without stepping on each other’s toes.

And it’s all because of the book Difficult Conversations.

Do you know who should be reading the book Difficult Conversations? The answer is simple. None other than Kim Jong-Un. I’m not going to give him a lesson on morals and values, as who am I to give lessons on such things when I’ve budded a blind man in line at Starbucks before. However, reading Difficult Conversations will actually help him become a better leader. Obviously, he will not change his ways within his own country. But when talking to other world leaders, he’ll be able to listen to their problems, and we hope that other world leaders would have read the book too and listened back to his issues. Thus, everyone would feel understood and put their giant atomic weapons away.

This isn’t just a wish either. On behalf of this elitist website, I sent Kim Jong-Un the book Difficult Conversations last week using Amazon Prime, and it already looks like things are going quite well. Do you want to know why? I’m just the best at what I do. Plain and simple.


The Difficult Conversations of Kim Jong-Un

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