DIY Cactus Perler Bead Magnets For Impatient People

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You might recall perler beads from your childhood. They are a very easy craft that you can keep simple or get totally crazy with. Some people make really amazing images with them. I am not one of those people, but after getting your feet wet with this simple tutorial you might want to join those groups of people.

In case you don’t know, I have mental health issues. Whether it is due to my illnesses or just my personality, I am very impatient and lose interest pretty quickly. If you can relate then you’ll probably enjoy this craft, or at least appreciate it’s instant gratification qualities.

For this tutorial, we’re going to make little cacti. I love cacti. It’s kind of like my power plant animal because in addition to being impatient, I am also pretty cranky and irritable at times, and I don’t drink enough water. 

Cacti are a lot like mental illnesses. Like cacti, mental illness is hard to live with which usually results in a tough exterior and a high level of resiliency. These plants live out in some of the harshest environments and can go really long periods without water. Water is really important for people, but those of us who deal with daily struggles know what it’s like to try and survive on limited resources like energy. And even though cacti are prickly and dangerous to touch, many also have gorgeous, giant, bright, colorful flowers. There is a lot of pain that accompanies mental health problems, but we are all still beautiful and given the right amount of water and light (and other self-care goodness), our flowers are some of the most colorful and unique.

Now, clear some space on your desk or table and put on your cactus hat!  


  • Perler Beads (aka hama beads or fuse beads)
  • Special Perler Bead Plate
  • Wax Paper
  • Magnets
  • Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue
  • Clothes Iron

How To Make Cute Little Perler Bead Cactus Magnets

  1. Using a square and circle shaped perler bead plate, place individual perler beads in the shape of little cacti. I use different color greens and blues and then include a single pink bead as flowers on the cactus.
  2. Once you have your design all set up, place the wax paper on top and use a preheated iron to fuse (melt) the beads. It’s probably best to follow the specific instructions provided with your perler beads and/or kit.
  3. Then, determine which side you want to be the front of the magnet (this is a personal choice, in my humble opinion. One side will look more blended- the ironed side, while the other side will look more like beads). Add a dab of superglue or hot glue to the magnet and attach it to the back of your perler design.
  4. Make more and stick them on something metal. 

Suuuuper easy. I love these things.

If you like modifications and having your mind blown, then try putting a pin back on the perler design instead of a magnet. Now, you can wear your prickly friend and warn people not to touch you!

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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