DIY Creating Names & Name Tags For Your Plants To Connect Better With Nature

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Nature is a very healing place. Being in nature reminds us that there is something bigger than ourselves going on, and we are a part of that bigger picture. Being in nature is also very calming and cleansing for our over stimulated brains. If you can get outside and away from the sounds and sights of modern society for 20 minutes or more a day that’s fantastic. Sometimes we can’t always get out to nature, so for me the next best thing is bringing some of that nature inside to me.

I love house plants. They bring natural color, movement, air, and so on into our modern living space. House plants remind me of the beauty of nature and also help give me a sense of purpose because I have to tend to and care for them. Unfortunately for the plants, I am not very good at taking care of things. I can keep my dogs alive and happy, but there’s something about plants that I have an especially hard time with. 

It dawned on me that maybe giving the plants names would help me form a better connection to the plants and thus help me value their existence more, resulting in me taking better care of them. Plus, naming them could involve a fun craft/DIY project.

So, today we are going to make popsicle stick name tags for our house plants. BTW- having house plants is a prerequisite to this DIY, but having a black thumb is not. 

If you’re worried that having popsicle stick name tags in your house plants will cause houseguests to question your mental stability, then, well, yes, that’s probably a valid concern to have. 

Really, though, would this be the thing to make people question your mental stability? If you’re like me, then no. Things could be much more alarming.

Let’s move on then.


How To Make DIY Popsicle Stick Name Tags For Your House Plants

  1. Obviously, the first step is to pick names for your plants. This is admittedly the funnest part of the project. I named all my plants after characters from Star Trek because I’m one of those people. 
  2. Then using your alphabet stamps, stamp out the names on your popsicle sticks. Larger sticks are for larger plants and smaller sticks for smaller plants.
  3. Stick the sticks in the soil and you’re done.

Admittedly, this post was a tad bit all over the place. That happens sometimes. The takeaway here though is that having house plants is a nice thing to have, and showing off your eccentricities to unsuspecting house guests is a thing you can do. Not to mention, being a little wacky and creative can go a long way in bringing about relief from everyday neurosis, stubborn depression, crippling anxiety, or a craving to drink or use drugs- plus any other psychological ailment you can think of.

And if you thought taking the time to make name tags for your plants was odd, just be grateful I didn’t write about dressing up your pets in clothing and then doing a photoshoot/fashion show.

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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