DIY Doodle Rocks To Take Your Mind Off Things

Posted by Sabrina Shelby | Dec 14, 2017 | DIY, OCD | 0 |

There’s something about drawing repeated shapes over and over again that is incredibly soothing. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t require much thought and the repetitive motion becomes something like a meditation. It’s also a great hobby to support a growing collection of fun pens, pencils, and markers and I really do love collecting art supplies.

I get stuck in my head a lot. My thoughts can be obsessive, intrusive, constantly worrying about the smallest of things, and everything could result in doom. I think about how I’m a failure as an artist, student, partner, friend, daughter, sister, dog mom…this list could go on almost forever. This constant stream of thoughts keep me up at night and once I manage to fall asleep, they make their way into my dreams. These thoughts keep me from wanting to get out of bed in the morning, and they interfere with my relationships during.

These thoughts turn into compulsive behaviors, like twirling my hair long after my hand begins to ache, I pick at my skin, chew on my dry lips, which are dry and chapped from chewing on them, every muscle in my body tenses up, and, again, this list could be longer. The point is, psychological distress is painful as all get out.

Sometimes, it seems like there isn’t a way to find relief. I used to turn to drugs and alcohol, but that just ended up making things much worse. I’ve tried food, love, shopping… you know how it goes.

That’s why art is such an important tool for me to utilize. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy or even the desire to be creative though or can’t handle being disappointed with what gets created which is another reason why doodling works so well.

We’ve (this is just an assumption, so if you don’t know how to draw basic shapes don’t feel bad) all learned how to draw basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles. The cool thing about these shapes is that they’re naturally pretty attractive. Really though, it’s just a great (and safe) way for me to keep my hands busy when my brain just won’t quit.

So, this DIY doesn’t really require a step by step instruction. I chose to doodle on rocks though, because it gives the added tool of foraging around in nature, or at the very least, in your backyard. I like to use smooth rocks because they’re easier to draw on, which means you might have to hunt a bit harder, but it’s worth it.

Here’s an easy materials list

  • Smooth rocks, at least 1 inch in diameter
  • Fine tip black, or any dark color, sharpie pen, or other alcohol-based ink pens. I have yet to try them on rocks, but possible gel pens.
  • My favorite doodle is making hexagons out of triangles and building one off of another to create a weird map/net looking thing. I can seriously do this for an hour or two.

And that’s basically it. Give it a try and see how it feels.

This post was created with the help of Grammarly.

Photo Credit: Christa Gampp


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