DIY Dream Catchers To Combat PTSD Nightmares

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Do you ever get nightmares? One common  symptoms of PTSD and complex PTSD is reoccurring nightmares. I typically get nightmares every night. It really sucks. They aren’t always awful, but usually leave me waking up with a bad taste in my mouth, and I don’t mean from morning breathe. 

Bad dreams aren’t just for people who have had past traumas, as I’m sure you know. Bad dreams can come up when we’re really worried or stressed about something, or if we’re feeling really depressed. OR! Even if you just watched a super scary movie. Whatever the cause, they’re no fun.

One way that has helped reduce the number of nightmares is through journaling. Upon waking, I’ll write down dreams from the night before, at least all that I can remember. After a couple of nights of doing this there are usually a lot less nightmares. Of course, it doesn’t take long before I stop taking the time to write them down and sure enough the bad dreams come back.

Showing you how to journal your nightmares or dreams in general is a really boring DIY so instead we’re going to make dream catchers. This a pretty easy craft and takes about an hour to two hours to complete.

Even if nightmares or bad dreams aren’t something you experience often, this dream catcher craft is fun and easy and will look totes adorbs in whatever space you choose to hang it. You could always gift it to someone who you know has bad dreams, too. That would be really sweet of you.


  • 3 inch wood hoop 
  • 13 ft. of yarn (to wrap around the hoop)
  • About 3 ft. of crochet thread, or embroidery thread, or yarn (for the inside weaving/dream catching net)
  • A lot more yarn for tassels (about 30 ft. so just grab a whole skein/ball)
  • Super glue or hot glue/gun
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

How to DIY Dream Catcher

  1. Glue the end of your 13 ft. yearn at the beginning of the embroidery hoop. I glued it on the inside so it’s less visible.
  2. Start tightly wrapping the yarn around the frame part of the hoop. This is so your hoop looks pretty when everything is all done. Wrap all the way around and glue once you reach the point where you first started.
  3. Next, follow the diagram to create the netting part of the dream catcher using the crochet thread, embroidery thread/floss, or yarn.
  4. With your ton of yarn, wrap the yarn long ways around the ruler 30 times and then cut the yarns at each end so you have a total of 30 even strands of yarn.
  5. Tie groupings of three strands of yarn around the bottom of the hoop. You’ll have a total of 10 groups of tassels.
  6. Trim the bottoms of the tassels so they’re all the same length, or get fancy and cut them into different shapes, i.e. round, pointed.

Hang that baby up near your bed and you’re set to jet like Boba Fett. I don’t promise this will help with bad dreams, but it might and it’s a fun, cute, and easy home decor craft. Like, you could easily make a ton of these… I mean, if you have that kind of free time.

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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