DIY Easy Scented Hand Warmers To Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Winter is coming! I totally don’t watch Game of Thrones and only know this reference on account of spending too much time on the internet. It’s a fact through, about the weather getting colder… unless you live on the other side of the planet and your summer is starting. Either way, these easy scented hand warmers are fun and cute and have the potential to smell good.

Another sort of thing that often comes along with winter for some people is seasonal depression. The lack of sunshine and spending more time indoors isn’t helpful for those of us who are predisposed to depression. All the more reason to get to crafting, preferably before the depression hits.

In the past, when I’ve had serious down periods it’s usually around this time of year, so I know to be on top of my self-care game. 

While making these hand warmers, I made sure to be cozy, have a nice hot cup of tea, with some holiday music playing in the background. Just kidding. I have a love/hate relationship with holiday music minus the love part. I did have the hot tea and wore house pants, though. 

This was/is a very easy, no stress DIY. Not to mention I’m a very tactile person and find scents and soft things to be very soothing and comforting. 


  • Fabric- you’ll be making at least 2 3 1/2” x 3 1/2” squares
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Rice, Lentils, Flaxseed (I used lentils because they’re softer than rice and flaxseed is expensive)
  • Essential Oils Of Your Choosing
  • A funnel (if you don’t have a funnel you can make one out of rolled up piece of paper)
  • Pinking Shears (if you want to get really fancy)
  • Fabric Scissors or really sharp scissors

How To Make DIY Easy Scented Hand Warmers

  1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric measuring around 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches. 
  2. Cut about 3 feet of embroidery thread (I used around 2 ½ feet, but just to be safe it’s better to have too much) and tie a knot at one end and thread your needle at the other end with a 3 in or so tail. With the backsides facing each other begin doing a basic stitch around 3 or the 4 sides. When stitching, leave roughly ¼ inch border so you can trim it at the end. If you’re going to use pinking shears leave a larger border.
  3. Once you have one side to go, grab your funnel and rice/lentils/flaxseed and fill up the pouch. I filled it pretty well, but not so much that the stitches start buckling.
  4. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in the pouch. I accidentally added 4 or 5 and seriously regret it. You can always add more if it isn’t strong enough.
  5. Finish stitching up the last side. Be sure to finish the last stitch right next to or on top of the first stitch so you don’t leave a hole. Tie a knot.
  6. Cut along the four edges with the pinking shears if you want to be fancy or just trim the edges so it looks more even.

Do a little shake test to see that there aren’t any leaks and then stick that guy in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm up. Pretty easy, right? The stitching is kind of time consuming if you don’t usually sew, but it still only takes 30 minutes or so. 

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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