DIY: How Needle Felting Helps Me Cope With Anger

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What is needle felting and what does it have to do with being angry, you ask?

Needle felting is the art of poking (or stabbing) wool roving with a little barbed needle. You can make many things with needle felting but for this article we’ll be doing a little sculpture. Needle felting works by using the barbs of the needles to entangle the wool fibers together. Depending on how many pokes and stabs you give the wool, you’re able to shape and sculpt it with as much or as little detail as you want.

Stabbing the wool with the needle is pretty therapeutic. Some religions would say this sort of behavior is “encouraging” anger and is not suggested, and I would love to be able to meditate my anger away, but I’m just not that zen.

I’m a pretty physical person and I’ve found that physical movement helps me process my emotions, which is just one reason why crafting and art is so important to my mental health.

I love the feeling of the little needle poking through the wool. It might sound a tad bit morbid, but I promise it’s not. It’s just a safe way to release energy and turn something negative into a positive. 

We’re going to make a cute little monster to be the embodiment of your rage. Whenever you’re angry, you can go to it and stab it with your felting needle! It’ll be fun.


You can find all of this on Amazon (if you click on the item it will take you right there), and at most arts and craft stores.

How to Make a Needle Felted Angry Monster

Note: It is very easy to poke yourself when doing this. Be mindful of your hands and fingers. Felting needles are VERY sharp.

  1. Take a big handful of the fill wool roving and roll it into a ball with your hands. Then grab your foam block and felting needling and start poking the wool while rotating it around. It’s like you’re sculpting and shaping the wool with the needle. It’ll take a lot of pokes. You want to try for a sort of oval shape. This will be the monster’s body. Once the wool is a firm oval, set it aside.
  2. Cut the pipe cleaner into 4 equal parts. Fold the tip of one of the pipe cleaners over the end of a piece of roving. Start wrapping the roving around the pipe cleaner, but leave a little so you can stick it into your monster’s body at the end. Once you have a thick layer of roving wrapped around the pipe cleaner start poking it with the felting needle. Do this until it has a thick covering and you can’t see the pipe cleaner through the wool. Do the same thing to the other 3 pieces.
  3. Once the body, arms, and legs are firm and covered with roving, stick the pipe cleaner ends into the body. You might need to cut little holes into the body to get the arms and legs in far enough, and use little dabs of glue to secure them.
  4. Then, take your colored roving and start wrapping it around your monster’s body and arms and stab away. Do this until it’s all covered.
  5. Cut out eyes and a mouth from soft felt. You can use the felting needle to attach it.

Once you finish your little guy, give him a kiss and a hug and let him know it’s okay to be angry. Next time you’re frustrated or angry, grab your felted monster and give him some stabs. You can either add more roving to make him larger, or just poke him and remember to breathe and be careful not to poke yourself.

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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