DIY Radical Acceptance Bracelet

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Do things sometimes not work out how you want them to? Yeah, it kind of sucks. Do you wish people around you would do things differently? On a daily basis, I’m pretty sure most people are doing everything wrong and some how it’s messing up my program. Do you sometimes think, “If only things were different…?”

Radical acceptance is a coping skill found in cognitive-behavioral therapy and it’s my favorite because it’s so simple. It’s pretty self explanatory, all you do is accept EVERYTHING going on right now in this moment. You don’t have to pick and choose or try to problem solve, you simply accept it because that is the only option.

Radical acceptance isn’t easy for everyone and it isn’t for everyone. Why would anyone want to accept a bad situation when they believe they have the power to change it? I get that, but what about in the moment, when you’re riddled with anxiety about a situation that will take time to improve? You’ve done everything you can and now you have to wait, or you have a plan to take action, but it has to wait until Monday? What do you do about the anxiety, fear, depression, or grief you’re experiencing right now? Accept it or keep suffering, basically. Well, you could try other coping tools, obviously, but right now we’re talking about this coping tool.

Radical Acceptance Bracelet

This DIY is easy and can be done in about an hour. We’re going to make a bracelet with multi-colored beads and not design a pattern. I had a hard time doing this, because I like things to be a certain way and I knew I had the power to make it so. No matter what, though, I strung the bead that I grabbed and moved on. Even if there was a cluster of beads I didn’t like the pattern of, in the end, the bracelet came out beautiful. At one point, there wasn’t enough yellow beads on my bracelet and I was getting nervous. A couple beads later, I grabbed four yellow beads in a row. That wasn’t ideal, either, but I got over it.

It might seem trivial, but this small exercise in accepting and letting go can extend to other snafus in your life.



Note: using a crimping tool and crimp beads isn’t super intuitive so maybe check out the youtube video if you’re having trouble.


  1. Measure out 30 inches of the stretch cord
  2. Fold a piece of tape around one end of the cord
  3. Start adding beads onto the cord. Blindly pick beads out of your pile to start placing on your cord. No hand selecting because we are practicing our radical acceptance, remember. Keep adding beads until there’s about an inch left on the cord.
  4. Grab your crimp bead and two ends of cord. Remove the piece of tape and slip the crimp bead on and then take the other end of cord and string it through the end the other piece is coming out of.
  5. Pull the two ends tight and using the crimping tool, crimp that crimp bead.

Now that you’re a seasoned radical acceptance jedi, go out and share your new found serenity and sweet bracelet!

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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