DIY Sensory Glitter Jar for Depression and ADHD

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I’m pretty quick to sensory overload. Loud sounds are really startling and put me on edge, and too many moving objects can easily overwhelm me. I’ve learned to turn this sensitivity into a positive thing, though. When I’m feeling down, overwhelmed, or overstimulated I like to focus on one sense to help ground myself.

Some people suggest focusing on the breath, but as a very visual person, I prefer using my eyes to focus on objects, textures, colors, and other details.

That’s why I LOVE glitter jars. The sensory glitter jar is a great way to quiet my mind and senses without getting bored (because of the glitter and other moving objects), and it is super easy to make at home.


How To Make It

Step 1. Dump glitter into jar

Step 2. Fill jar with 1:1 ratio of warm water and clear corn syrup, plus a big dollop of dish soap

Step 3. Tighten lid and shake

BAM! You now have a totally amazing grounding tool!

You can get pretty creative with these things. You can have different colored glitters, throw in colored sand, tiny gem stones, tiny plastic toys, drift wood, and whatever else your imagination can come up with. Just keep in mind heavier things will sink faster and organic stuff might not last very long. 

This is a great DIY to experiment with and have fun with.

How To Use Your New Glitter Jar

I should probably note that liking glitter is sort of a prerequisite to this grounding tool. Who knows, though, maybe you’ll start liking glitter after using this jar.

I LOVE glitter. It’s shiny, colorful, and gets everywhere. So, watching it float around in a jar is absolutely magical to me.

In addition to having a great finished product to help with grounding, the process of assembling the jar can be a great exercise in curiosity and exploration. Play is an excellent healing tool. As an adult, “playing” can feel a lot like just dicking around, but really, playing helps lower my anxiety and reminds me why I enjoy living- which is crucial, especially since I deal with a lot of depression.

I typically use the finished product when I need a sensory boost or to reduce anxiety. Shaking the jar helps me release some physical energy, watching the glitter sparkle makes me feel joyful, and then focusing on the glitter drifting to the bottom of the jar is calming.

The glitter jar can also be used as a sort of meditation sand timer. My tall jars take around 10 minutes for all the glitter to settle. That means I don’t have to use a loud, startling timer to notify me of the end of my meditation. 

So whether you’re dealing with a bout of depression, anxiety and stress, ADHD, or just plain old boredom, this glitter sensory jar is a lot of fun to make and use.

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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