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I am a very tactile sort of person. I think most people living with mental illness are physically sensitive. While, this hypersensitivity can be problematic at times, it can also be used for self soothing and pleasure purposes. Having some goop to hold and feel while feeling overwhelmed, restless, anxious, depressed, scattered, and the like can help sooth the soul and give a busy or sad mind something neat to focus its attention on.

Making slime is yet another craft/DIY that you probably experienced as a kid. If not, then I am truly sorry, but you get to make up for it now. To make you feel better, it will probably be more fun and enjoyable as an adult anyway because you will be able to really control what your slime looks and feels like… and you won’t have to share any of it with other kids.

Like most of the tutorials I do, I like to keep the possibilities open for exploration by you, the reader. With DIY Slime, you can experiment with different colors, glitters, even little toys or smells using essential oils.   

I had a lot of fun making this stuff. It is rather easy and I had most of the supplies at home, which is always a plus. It came out just right on the first try, too! That’s always my favorite. 

Basic Slime Recipe Supplies

Goodies To Put In Your Slime

How To Make Basic Slime

  1. In one bowl, mix 2 oz. of glue with 2 oz. of water. This is when you will want to add your essential oils and food coloring because it is much easier to mix it in while it is still in a liquid form.  You don’t need very much food coloring- I put 3 drops of blue and it seemed perfect. Keep in mind, if you add more than one color, the colors will mix together. If you want your slime to be multi colored, make separate batches of slime for each color.
  2. In second bowl, dissolve 1 tsp borax into ½ cup warm water.
  3. Pour borax solution into glue/water mixture and stir until it starts looking like slime. This takes a pretty long time and after a bit you’ll want to use your hands to mix it all together.
  4. Once your slime is more solid, lay it out and start adding glitter and whatever else, like beads, googly eyes, or tiny plastic figures. Then you’re going to fold the slime over itself and knead everything in.

Once you have made your slime, keep stored in a little jar or other container with a lid to keep is funky and fresh. Any time you start feeling antsy or restless, bust it out and tap into your inner child. 

You can find more of Sabrina Shelby’s DIY projects at The Active Koala.

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