Doesn’t Every Person Who Murders Someone Have A Mental Health Problem?

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In other news, people with mental health problems are always tired of being lumped in with bad people. It’s pretty discouraging when you hear Deborah at the work water-cooler-talking about the Parkland shooter’s mental illness while you’re on your way to take your anti-depressants.

I don’t like your tone, Deborah.
 I mean people with mental health issues also work for NASA, but I don’t ever hear you water cooler douchebags talking about that! 

As I stand here as a mentally ill person on the outskirts of all these conversations about people with ‘mental illness’, it begs the question; other than the obvious answer of ‘professionals’, who has the right to diagnose someone else’s mental state, especially when it is attached to a particular moment in time? The response I believe lies somewhere in the definition of health, and how that is constantly changing.

“I heard he had mental HEALTH problems. He wasn’t mentally HEALTHY.”

People go through their lives contracting various illnesses. Colds, infections, and the hampering of bodily ability occur regularly. The same goes for mental health. People go through various phases of amplified or decreased moods. I look as healthy/fit as can be on the outside, but I eat like a pig, so am I truly healthy? The same query goes for mental health. If I appear mentally healthy, but don’t identify as such, can someone disagree with me and say that I am? Some people survive complete breakdowns and go on to live the rest of their lives peacefully avoiding what had previously plagued them.

So what’s the mental HEALTH of that person? Well if you asked them years after the incident, they might just give you an answer that you wouldn’t expect. What if they did something terrible during their unhealthy time? Is that to blame on mental illness itself, or mental HEALTH, which is something much more temporal than mental illness as a whole. What we’re trying to say, Deborah, is that you can’t blame ‘mental illness’ as a whole, because mental health fluctuates in the same way that bodily health does.

Mentally ill people should not be kept separate or stigmatized from the rest of the normies because normies have their periods of mental unhealth as well! Obviously, I’m not trying to say that people who commit atrocities as a result of or during a time of mental unhealth should be excused. There are also the GIANT factors of will, culture, and entitlement that play a part in that. And yes, someone who kills someone else has to have a deteriorated sense of vital awareness and empathy, which is a symptom of mental unhealth.

But that DOESN’T mean that outrageous behavior should be associated inseparably with mental illness. If it were, then there would be no hope for me, or Deborah, or anyone who has ever experienced symptoms of mental unhealth.

If you or a loved one you know is having any mental health struggles, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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