Don’t Do Drugs Kids

Posted by Edward Ernest | May 14, 2018 | Addiction, Bad Poetry, Community Collaboration | 0 |

When you’re caught up in the peak of drug addiction and begin to put pieces together in some brief moments of clarity, many will start thinking about how they got themselves this far deep into the rabbit hole. If you’re like me, you may sit there and start asking yourself why you didn’t listen to all those warnings from your parents and at school for kids not to do drugs?

Most likely, your addiction was inevitable. You may have needed a way to cope with internal struggles and started using them, not realizing what you were actually doing. And at first, drugs do the trick, however they never fix the underlying emotional issues that you’re struggling with. BUT MAN! DRUGS ARE GREAT! Yes, you might get a second wind thinking you can handle your drugs, but eventually that all washes away and the addiction takes over.

Eventually, drugs aren’t fun anymore, and now it’s this thing you need every day to function. And out of what you think is nowhere, you’ve become a full-blown addict. IT HAPPENS! It may have happened to you, or your friend, or your family member. Heck, you may be reading this right now and realize that this sounds exactly like you, but you haven’t come to terms or thought that deeply about it yet. It may be on your backburner of thoughts, and you’re too afraid to touch it because that means you’ll need to deal with yourself and that’s just flat out scary for many addicts.

The good news is that you’re here and that maybe you can laugh at our piece of Bad Poetry today and maybe in that laugh, take a look at how you’re acting or coping with your own mental health and addiction issues. And just maybe, you’ll take the steps you need to get back on track. Or maybe you just want to feel like someone else out there ‘gets you,’ and that makes you feel like you’re not alone and that feels pretty good too.

So enjoy our little slice of addiction life and know that we’re here fighting side by side with you every day too. Enjoy and big hugs!

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