One by one we are attempting to illustrate all of the known phobias we could find using our favorite little red fraidycat to show us the way. If you have spent anytime around Massive Phobia, then you have surely met Ellis. We have dubbed Ellis to be an ultimate scaredy cat (a title we just realized we share with this adorable little weirdo. The backbone of our website is a long list of all the phobias we could find ( and growing with our submit a phobia button) we thought this was an amusing way to pay homage to all those things that give us the willies and in sometimes strike terror in our hearts.

Ellis may be afraid of pretty much every single thing known to humankind, and yet we still like to think of Ellis as a hero of sorts. Ellis teaches us that the trick isn’t to stop being afraid, the trick is not letting it stop you. (Ellis may have read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)

Fear is at its roots is a pretty good mechanism, it can just get over-activated. Some things are perfectly natural to be afraid of, fear can be life preserving, harm reducing and pain minimizing. However, self-preservation instinct can operate more like self-stagnation if you just listen to those cues without questioning them.

Ellis helps us face our fears.