Had Enough Of Your Own Excuses Lately?

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Hi Everyone! It’s me! Ellis! Your favorite alien that crash-landed on earth that has a red circle for a body? Remember me?! Well, I’ve been eye-deep in having my work pile up, and I’ve just been making excuse after excuse about getting it done, and now I’m just a crum-bum lying liar and feel just terribly crummy about it all.

One of my biggest problems is that I think too much. Well, my friend Laurel Leaside tells me that my brain is my biggest strength, but it’s also my biggest weakness, and I think she’s pretty spot on about that. She’s intuitive to the max. So sometimes when I think too much, I come up with lots and lots of really neat-o ideas, and then I start to tell my bosses here at Massive Phobia about all my ideas, and they say “Ellis! That is the best idea ever. We can’t wait to see you implement all your ideas. You’re so creative and can’t believe how awesome you are! We’re so happy to have you in our lives and working for us.” That was all a word for word quote as you can tell by the quotation marks and it makes me feel real fuzzy to be appreciated that way.

Anyway, I was bursting with so many ideas in the last few months, and I got the go-ahead to write about every single one of them, and I was sooooooo happy that I almost burst into cinnamon heart flames. I love cinnamon hearts by the way. They remind me of Valentine’s Day which reminds me of love. And I love being loved and loving others! Don’t you?

I went off on a tangent there. Sometimes I do that when I talk about cinnamon hearts. I just get so excited.

So I had all these ideas, and then because I had so many of them, nothing started to get done. I didn’t know where to begin. I was lost! And then when my bosses started asking me how everything was going with my new projects, I kept on saying ‘Super Great,’ and that was a crummy lie! I became a crumb-bum of a liar from Crummyville.

I was so upset with myself, and I had no idea what to do. I began to have sleepless nights in my crum-hut of an apartment and woke up in the middle of the night with terrible sweats. Every day became a day of making excuses and not doing anything about it, and the cycle became worse and worse as time went on.

Then one day I was near my breaking point, and Laurel Leaside could see that I wanted to cry at work and she came over and put her hand on my head and she said: “Are you doing ok?” And that’s when my crummy tears started leaking from my eyes, and I start explaining how I wasn’t doing anything to move forward with my projects and how crummy I was for making excuses which were kinda lies and that I was just a Crumington.

And that’s when Laurel Leaside gave me a nice big old hug which got me to slow down. She then asked me to take a step back and see if I’ve learned anything from this situation. So I thought real hard, and I did learn lots it seemed. What I came up with is that maybe I need to do one thing at a time because having too many things paralyze me. And that when I start making excuses for things, maybe I should take a step back, even though I float and don’t have any legs because I’m an alien, and assess the situation before I make a mountain of a molehill. ANDDDDDDD maybe the way I worry isn’t the best and I need to learn new ways of coping with things before I give myself more sleepless nights by hiding things from my internal self and from others.

After my conversation with the best person, friend, and colleague I know, Laurel Leaside, I then had to float into my bosses office and tell them how big of a crum-bum excuse giver I’ve been lately and hoped that they wouldn’t get mad or even fire me.

And thank goodness they didn’t. My bosses were a little upset that none of those ideas got done, but they quite liked my story about how I got into this mess in the first place and told me to start writing about that instead.


And now I’m done! So don’t be like me, or at least learn from my mistakes and from yours as well. Sometimes in life, it’s time to stop making excuses and to start learning to act/react/work/love in a different way as sometimes your old way doesn’t work anymore. You’ll grow and become a much better person/alien for it. I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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