The Masks We Wear

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Hey, everyone! It’s me, Ellis! And boy, oh boy, do I have a story for you, and I didn’t mean that in a gendered way. It’s just a saying. Or is it? Hmmmmmmm….. Well, that’s for another day, because today I was floating around looking for a Halloween costume and the sales human helping me asked me what the difference between being a red floating circle on Earth, compared to my home planet was? That was a loaded stuffed potato question if I’d ever heard one. Especially, cause I was buying a Halloween mask four months early due to my issues with time (another story) and this human asked me a question that related to the masks we wear. The universe was calling.

The sales human could tell that I started feeling crummy cause my eyes started squinting and stuff but apologized immediately for getting personal. You know, sometimes when I think back to my old planet, I start to feel some old wounds and icky feelings start creeping up through the bottom of me and move all the way to the top until I’m in fully crummy mode. And that’s just what happened. So I told the sales person not to feel crummy and that it was my old dumb wounds that were making me feel this way and then I broke into a story about my old planet, me, and masks. It kinda went something like this…..

One day I was working my crummy construction job, and I didn’t want to be in construction, but that’s what my planet’s elders predetermined I do. Anywho, I acted like all the others on the crew and then some. I mean, everyone liked me, but I needed everyone to love me. So I always wore the mask of a macho red floating circle type.

I was told from a young age that I wasn’t smart and I that I’ll be a laborer when I grow up, which never felt right with me and I felt real crummy about it all. I fought it and fought it, but it was crummy to fight all the time, and then I was done the fighting. And that’s when I found a mask, and for awhile it worked, but not on this day.

On this day, I was being super macho (Like Stifler from American Pie) and I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s super true. Anywho, this really good looking red floating circle was floating on by when I blew one of those cat call whistles. And when this red floating circle turned around, all I could see was a look that made me feel crummier than crummy. The look said, you’re an idiot, and you hang around idiots. Not that all laborers are idiots. They’re not. But we were all young and immature, and it showed.

My mask got me to where I was, but it wasn’t who I was. I was a fake and phony baloney. And if my planet said this was all I could ever be, because It was a crummy dummy planet, then I knew I had to leave. I needed to be somewhere that I could unmask and be me and not this crumbum version of myself.

And to make a long story short, I got into my space ship and landed right here on earth. And that’s kinda almost the exact same story I told the sales human, and then everything between us went from crummy to being the bee’s knees. I love saying the bee’s knees. It may be my favorite saying.

Then I bought this pretty cool M&M’s costume. And I can’t wait for Halloween now, but I’m also thankful that it’s not Halloween every day for me anymore.


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Ellis is pretty much the sweetest creature that has ever lived in the universe. Now an inhabitant of Earth, as Ellis felt misunderstood on The Big Star, Ellis just wants to feel emotions and deal with what makes a floating red circle, a floating red circle.Like you, Ellis has ups and downs, and loves to talk about the red circle condition, which is exactly like human condition, but with a lot more floating around.If Ellis had sleeves, a heart would be on it, and that's why everyone loves Ellis with all the hug power they can muster.

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