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Hey, Everyone! It’s me, Ellis! Your most favorite red circle with a face and feelings in this whole entire universe! Well, at least I hope so. It would feel crummy if I wasn’t because how many red circles are out there for you to choose from? That’s like when your grandma introduces you as her favorite grandchild when you’re the only grandchild she has….. for now. And then you start to fear that maybe you won’t be if your mom has another baby. Hmmmmmmm……. I always do this to myself. Make myself feel crummy when I shouldn’t. Hmmmmmmmmmm…….. I guess that’s cause I think different.

So is it ok that I think different?

It’s always on my mind. I know I don’t look like everyone else on earth, and I don’t feel bad because of that. Where I’m from, I looked like everyone else, and I still felt different.

On my planet, we had a collective mentality of building things, kinda like how ants on earth do things, except our brains, are as large as human brains and we float around. I was part of the labor team. My job was to carry materials to and from building sites, which is not very easy when you have no arms and no legs.

I kept on asking my boss questions about why we were doing things the way we were doing them and then I started sharing my feelings with my fellow crew members, whom I thought were my friends. They all told me that I thought too much and that I should just stick to the routine. They also told me to not discuss my feelings because my feelings were scaring others.

How can my feelings scare other red circles? How?

Did they not have the same feelings as me? Or was I the only one? Maybe they did have the same feelings, but they were afraid of telling other red circles about them because in our history no one has ever discussed these things, and to do so would be a sign of weakness?

Does that mean I’m weak? Or maybe they were right? Maybe I just think too much. I know I do a lot. Sometimes it’s a bad thing because it makes me feel crummy. But sometimes it’s a great thing because I have all these cool ideas that I like to talk about, to make things better for other red circles.

I didn’t want to be a laborer my whole life, which is pretty long compared to a human’s life, so I mean, I’d get pretty bored just doing that one thing the whole time, and that’s when my mind really starts to play tricks on me. So I did the only thing I could think of……. I ran away from my planet. This red circle left the giant red circle in the sky. I stole a spaceship and headed to a place where it’s citizens appreciated or started to appreciate ‘thinking different.’

While I was in between the Milky Way and Star-2412321456743590, I received this transmission from earth. This video was the one. I just found it on Youtube.

It was then I realized that earth was the place I needed to be. I knew that I’d be appreciated or at the very least, tolerated for thinking the way I do. I’d be able to make friends and talk about the things I loved and the things I feared. On earth, I’d be able to be me. I’d be able to think different. And I’m happy to say, which isn’t always the case with me, cause happy is such an interesting thing, but that’s another story. I’m happy to say, that it’s true. Not all of earth thinks that way. But I was lucky; I crash landed in Canada.

Think different, Ellis

Love, Ellis.

P.S. Thanks for listening.

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Ellis is pretty much the sweetest creature that has ever lived in the universe. Now an inhabitant of Earth, as Ellis felt misunderstood on The Big Star, Ellis just wants to feel emotions and deal with what makes a floating red circle, a floating red circle.Like you, Ellis has ups and downs, and loves to talk about the red circle condition, which is exactly like human condition, but with a lot more floating around.If Ellis had sleeves, a heart would be on it, and that's why everyone loves Ellis with all the hug power they can muster.

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