Facebook Displays Gay Cure Ads That Shame The LGBTQ Community

Posted by Edward Ernest | Sep 20, 2018 | Identity | 0 |

You might think that Facebook would have better advertising procedures in place ever since the election debacle and the paid fake news articles from Russia, but in reality, it seems like they still let things slip through the cracks. This past August, some LGBTQ Facebook users received targeted shame advertising about new ‘gay cures’ and everyone was up in arms about it, and rightly so.

According to the Daily Telegraph, some users reported seeing ads that promoted “sexual purity” and “gay cures” based on targeted advertising as a result of their interest in gender-related issues. One of the many ads was promoting gay conversion therapy: based on the assumption that being homosexual is a form of mental illness that can be cured. 

Facebook user, Tessa Ann Schwartz, complained after viewing one of the ads “I don’t know why Facebook has permitted this group to target LGBT people, who have intentionally sought out community and education amongst peers, for shaming and hatred masked as love.”

And we here at Massive Phobia don’t think Tessa Ann Schwartz went far enough with her questioning either. Facebook let these ads target the LGBTQ community, but why were these ads allowed on their system at all? Somehow these ads must violate some sort of guideline, yet they slipped through their system quite easily. As a website that has used Facebook advertising before, we’ve had tons of ads that were declined because they deemed some of our language as offensive, even though we only partially agreed on some of our word violations.

I understand that Facebook is doing their best to keep our swear words out of the sensitive eyes of the youth today, but at the same time, they aren’t doing enough to protect vulnerable communities from the people who hurt them the most. Maybe it’s time Facebook takes control of a robotic system and put it’s it back into the hands of humans with common sense and empathy. However, until then, we aren’t holding our breath.

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