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Sept 15/17

Dear Diary, 

Ah, tagged pics. It’s like a graveyard of pics I wouldn’t upload myself and exes I forgot I still had on Facebook. Speaking of exes on Facebook.. guess what DIARY! I late-night creeped Lee and found a photo of him and his best friend captioned “The Girlfriend and her bestie” uploaded by Phil. WHO THE FUCK IS PHIL!? 

Of course I click around on his profile photos. The first? A topless photo of a butch ass bear with no chest hair. How annoying. The 12th? A PHOTO OF THEM FUCKING KISSING. HE STILL HAS A PROFILE PHOTO UP OF THEM. WUT???

Cool cool cool.

I smoked some heavy indica and thought about what to do. First thing that came to mind: screenshots. Second instinct was to LIKE the photo and friend him. Too creepy? Strong maybe. The photo’s from 3 years ago…

I kept biting my tongue until it bled when the topic would come up, but I’ve been (medium) healthy with Lee lately and I don’t think I really need to stir the pot.

UNTIL I showed him my favourite new indie coffee shop, Seal of Approval Cafe, where I literally know no one (perfect!) and the backdrops are just SO Instagram that I could pull of a new aesthetic selfie every fucking morning if I need to.

THEN he tells me that some hot bear with 10K followers uploaded “this is my favourite lil nook” and he responded with “see you there! I just started going!!”

All I heard was that he was trying to set up a slutty date at OUR new fave cafe and DM’ing some Twink ass Instagram Thot. Not today Satan.

I immediately unraveled and starting screaming out: first Phil’s and now THIS!! Showing ALL my cards (screenshots, profile pics, them kissing- nothin but the hits) and he was like all wide eyed and making me feel crazy even though HE’S crazy and I don’t feel bad- but now I feel bad? 

Anyway, after blocking Phil in front of me (even on Facebook) I composed myself. He was creeped out by how much info I got and somehow he ended up feeling more alienated than I did.

He came back with flowers and guacamole. I fucking love guacamole. He told me that he understands that Facebook is a trigger, and exes are a sensitive topic and that he only wants to be with me. Now I feel like a douchebag, and a little unmedicated. But for my sanity, I will still keep all those screenshots in an email to myself – under the folder “receipts” coz crazy bears love nothin more than to call things back and never get over them. Hence, my life. 

He also said “since we’re being honest, please stop telling people that your sister went to jail because it’s seriously affecting our branding.” 

I was like “AWH he said OUR branding” and then I ate more guacamole while not listening to his request, at all.


The Seal of Approval Coffee Shop was created by a hip bear named Sam James and is the first coffee shop in the Arctic with locally sourced coffee beans. No one knows how they’re grown or where they’re grown, but Sam James swears on his mother’s life that it’s the truth. And since everyone loves Sam James, most take his word for it, even though there are some bears that have their doubts.

If you or a loved one you know battles with Bipolar Disorder or any Mental Health Issues, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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