My Family Isn’t Protecting Me

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My Uncle Gary is a nightmare. He married into the family and 4 years ago he asked me to sit on his lap at my niece’s Christening. He pulled my onto him at the reception and fully grasped my boob as I was falling onto him. He was pulled from the party and sternly spoken to, I was told. Since then, I’ve avoided him but he always whispers creepy things. Everyone says I need to get over it – but I’m 25 and can pick my own damn boundaries when a 50 year old man constantly makes me cringe. This year he gave me a card with money (no one else), which I refused. The family said it was disrespectful and I need to “get over it” but I’m not comfortable and I’m not happy with how my family’s reacting. HELP!

Dear My Family Isn’t Protecting Me,

They didn’t think a card of money for ONE niece was suspicious!? Your incompetent parents are useless fools. The fact that no one stopped this ultra creep in the beginning is fuelling his fire! He should have been banned from family events a long time ago because this disgusting douchenoggin is testing his boundaries.

Grabbing you? Involve the police next time and put that nail in this deadbeat’s coffin because your family clearly isn’t setting up the appropriate consequences for Non Consenting touching and talking. Maybe an outside LEGAL voice will help to guide these stunned cunts who are choosing a STRANGER over you. You deserve better. Don’t go through your irresponsible family next time. They enjoy classic Victim Blaming and they’re gonna learn real quick what happens when they don’t resolve it themselves- there are consequences.

Keep a log of everything up until now and file a police report to really set the tone. This failure-of-a-human might not just be doing it to you. If he’s this brazen IN FRONT of your family, just imagine what this piece of shit does in other settings. Stay safe love.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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