Fitness Instructor Hurts Back, Gains 15 Pounds, Questions Life.

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When your whole life revolves around being a fitness instructor and how you look, getting injured on the job can only get in the way. For Mark Freeland, hurting his back by doing one too many clean and jerk lifts at L.A. Fitness has left him bedridden, 15 pounds heavier, and extremely depressed.

“My whole life has been about me being super fit and how I look and being an inspiration to others to get fit and be like me. It’s my identity, and now that identity is lost. I’m in bed most of the days. I’ve gained 15 pounds. My six pack is now like a blob of sorts. I’m really depressed about everything. I feel like a phony. I’ve been posting old pictures of myself on Instagram because I don’t want people to see me this way. I hope they don’t notice, but I know it’s only a matter of time. I have a bunch of followers who are really big into, so it’s only a matter of time. What am I supposed to do? What if I never recover? Then who am I really? Explain that to me cause I’d like to know! What’s my life really all about?”

Clinical Psychologist Dana Brooke chalks up Mark Freeland’s loss of self-esteem, and possibly the reason to live, due to the social media generation we are currently living in. “First, Mark is super hot. Second, all of his pictures on social media are of him looking super buff and happy, so that’s what I want to keep seeing. He’s based his self-esteem on getting likes, and he thinks if he’s gained 15 pounds that people will most likely unfollow him, and that sounds about true. I mean, since you asked me to comment for this article, now that I know that he’s gained 15 pounds and that his recent pics are just a lie, I’ve unfollowed him. When you use hotness for self-esteem, you must know that you’re working against father time anyway and that you should always have a backup plan. It sounds like he didn’t. This is why I tell my son to get into computers cause Bitcoin is where it’s at today anyway.”

Mark Freeland’s childhood confidante, Father Joe Musgrove, has recently got into touch with Mark and is encouraged by the response of their rekindled friendship. “I follow Mark’s Instagram, but I haven’t seen Mark at Church in almost 20 years, but based on our Skype calls, he’s very receptive to having myself and Jesus back in his life in a more pre-social media kinda way. Especially since some of his followers have started to notice that his recent pictures were being reused from a few years ago. He’s been struggling with his life’s purpose after he gained those ungodly 15 pounds, and I just told him that Jesus has a plan for everyone. He then asked ‘What is Jesus’ plan for starving African’s?’, and then I just laughed. He still seems to have the great sense of humor he had as a kid.”

There’s no doubt that Mark Freeland is going through a huge transition period, in which he might also need a whole new wardrobe for, but whatever the future does hold for the Mark Freeland, he seems to have put his faith in only the best of hands.

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