Fuck Therapy And Everyone Else Telling Me What To Do

Posted by Bobby Jenkins | Oct 16, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Identity | 0 |

Dear Diary, 

My first therapy session was today, and it was a real treat. I’m still living in the aftermath of broken relationships, dramatic breakdowns, and short-term jobs.

I’m only beginning to realize that maybe (just maybe?) I’m the problem. My therapist thinks I’m right.

How Enlightening……

Anger management-meets-psychotherapy intake session? Brutal! Joseline! I hate her. Bears who say their regular names with FrenchAccents should be banned from the Arctic!……Same with bears who only post selfies on Instagram.

She just kept asking about parents. I wasn’t exactly eager to go down memory lane that is rich with abandonment and single parent hangups. As if growing up gay in the Polar Bear community isn’t hard enough!

Hmmmmm….I just reread this and realize how fucked up I am.


Child of Divorce? Check.

Capital C Crazy? Check.

Weed aficionado? Yes.

Dramatic!? Check Check Check. 

Diagnosed and medicated? Nope.

No meds for this guy. 

The worst was when I looked over at her bookshelf, and there’s a book called “How to Love Your Gay Son”.  🙁 I started triggering rage. I Hate her ‘so’ much!!!!

She started telling me how “Gay isn’t my only problem” (Jeez Thanks) The only thing I could think was that this lazy-ass excuse for a therapist needed her license revoked (look into that tomorrow) Then the whole thing about smoking weed and having kids. (I don’t have to pick , bitch.) I mean, fuck this lady. Which gypsy budget-ass psych classes was this dumbass attending?……Throwing the table my mistake. But, it could have gone worse. 

I feel like Anger Management just isn’t for me. 

Also, Fuck Therapists 🙂

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