The Ghost of Utter Overwhelm

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This ghost is both spinning out of control and stuck in a still state of panic, let’s call her The Ghost of Utter Overwhelm.

Usually, on the surface are reeling thoughts and a litany of things to do. Running them over and over to find the perfect order to complete them perfectly. Teetering between nearly impossible but manageable if I don’t fuck it all up, to definitely impossible and just a fool’s errand for a fool that doesn’t know any better. Logic like this whipping up frenzied nausea, wasting precious time and activating the dreaded deathly still part.

Here all the whirling busy slams to a halt. A sinking pebble so heavy it can weigh everything trying to happen on the surface down. It’s pretty suffocating. I would say this is my most hopeless ghost because struggling makes it worse. But aside from all the silent dread it really is peaceful, maybe a little like getting locked in a snow globe?

Like any top that spins, this ghost can also wobble and fall. Not really seeming possible to get back up and running (that’s better than a total collapse right?) on its own momentum. Enough total collapse time does seem to be enough to get this ghost back up and running.

Sometimes the whirling mania part is the most prominent part of the equation. Sometimes the frozen-stuck-still is the more present of the two. Ghost of Utter Overwhelm always has these opposite forces working in unison.

The antidote to this ghost (or one of your own with some similar attributes) is active presence of mind.

Start by just gently noticing your breath. Then instead of trying to make your self calm, or turn this ghost off (which we have established doesn’t work), instead tune in. Lean into whatever is up for you, take a moment to really notice it. Neither looking away, or being swept up with it, just simply observe as best you can. Once you have dropped into how this ghost operates, then try to find the part of you that is doing the observing. The part of you that sees it all happening.

Taking some time to be with our ghosts in this way helps us to remember that we are not these parts and pieces. We should listen to them, honour what they have to share so we can integrate and move forward, but don’t let them captain your ship for very long or fool you into thinking that they are you.

This ghost also attracts another aspect, The “You Stupid Peice of Garbage” Demon who will be making an appearance on the blog next!

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