The Demon of Anxiety Brought On By Excessive Sweat

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This particular asshole of a demon is part of my daily life. Rarely does a day go by, where I have anxiety due to my excessive sweat, which then causes more anxiety and then massive embarrassment.

I live in a humid city during the summer, and the only option for me is to wear dark colors at all times. I’ve been out during the summer where I’ve had to leave functions due to the anxiety over the possibility of sweating and then when it starts; it’s just the beginning of the end.

Decisions at the beginning of the day bring on anxiety about the possibilities of what may come later that day.

I just got a new suit for a wedding, and I had an anxiety riddled conversation with the lovely person helping me pick out fabrics and colors. She could tell I was getting worked up and reassured me that there was no way I could ever sweat through my dress shirt and the lining of the jacket.

At the wedding, it’s all I thought about. I knew the dress shirt was melting as I sat there in the chilly reception room. I just prayed to the heavens that my jacket would not show one-bit sweat. It got worse from there as I was doing the constant checking. I barely danced for the fear it would get worse. How embarrassing would it be if everyone saw how gross I was? And in the end, the wedding ended, and I didn’t enjoy myself one bit.

Thank you demon of extreme anxiety brought on by excessive sweat which then causes more anxiety until you die of embarrassment. Thank you.

If this sounds like you, then enjoy our drawing and share it if you like too. Oh, and big hugs.

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The Demon of Extreme Anxiety

The Demon of Extreme Anxiety brought On By Excessive Sweat Which Then Causes More Anxiety Until You Die Of Embarrassment


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