The Ghost of Abandonment Past

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My Ghost of Abandonment Past shows up somehow in all of my relationships.

Due to my old abandonment issues, my wound still exists and manifests itself in many different ways.

If I feel insecure in a relationship, I may do one of these many things.

  1. Run before the other person has a chance to run first. Which I also call the Gazelle Syndrome.
  2. Keep notes on how the other person is hurting me, even though they might not even realize what’s going on because I internalize my pain instead of using my voice. Thus, I become resentful, hurt, angry and sad for possibly no reason.
  3. ¬†Avoid relationships altogether, so I don’t feel the old pain again.
  4. Turn to one of my many vices that will fill the void that will never get filled.

The Ghost of Abandonment Past just doesn’t have to come in the form of a living person inflicting the pain onto you. If you lost a parent or a loved one at a young age, you’re dealing with abandonment as well, even though the deceased person did not abandon you with malice. Also, not all abandonment is done with malice. Most people don’t understand how their actions affect other people’s lives, especially if it’s their children. For the most part, the abandoners are acting out in a way they are taught or learned.

If this sounds like you, or maybe a loved one, then the below piece of art is for you.

The Ghost of Abandonment PastThe Ghost of Abandonment Past | Edward Ernest

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