The Ghost of Discontent

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We are feeling anything but “Meh” for all of our amazing contest participants! So much big love for all of you who had the courage to investigate and share their own Demons and Ghosts and Shadows (oh my!). We can’t wait to share the winner and all of our other favorite submissions, so stay tuned. And while the contest is closed for now it will be back around..

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

We could not be more grateful that our very first contest went off so well!!!!

* While this contest is closed for the time being you are always welcome to play, submit any of your “Ghosts and Demons and Shadow ” art by emailing us at

*Or if you prefer to play for chances to win, another creative contest is already in the work (and we have lots of ideas in store), or wait for this one to come back around!!


The Ghost of Discontent

My Ghost of Discontent has been keeping me company for a long, long, long time. A very familiar, almost comfortable subtle feeling of malaise that creeps over everything. Like a drug that dulls the pain, but clouds everything else with it. Here everything is just shades of gray, no sunshine to cast shadows; just a real hum ho kind of feeling when this guy shows up.

If he had a catch phrase, it would be ‘meh…………………..’

This particular ghost was passed down as part of my family legacy. Bless their hearts, and it’s not as if there wasn’t laughter and love, and joy, celebration, and hope- ya sure all of that stuff was there, and then the heavy we all get some doses of in our lives too. No, what I am talking about is the average temperature in the room, the undercurrent, one of the main flavors. The cup is half empty more then its full, just my luck, of course blah would happen to me. And I dunno, just garden variety grumbling and mumbling, to notice more what’s going wrong then everything right. My ghost of discontent isn’t so much complaining he is just feeling the weight of the world drag down around him, like a big wet sheet he forgets he is even wearing.

I suspect that a great many other people have ghosts along this line. I don’t think my family was alone in this; our larger cultural family tends to focus more on the downside of life. I mean just look the average negativity in the daily news, or take a close look at how we casually use toxic language, or the ever growing corporate stranglehold creeping over the globe- seems like most of us are drinking some of kind of “neggy vibes” without even a second thought, it’s just the water we culturally swim in often.

I want my Ghost of Discontent to know that the sun can come out and dry up the rain, and then it will be easier to move about. I want him to remember that feeling good is actually easier then feeling meh, he is just a little out of practice!

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