The Shadow of Neediness

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, NEEDINESS is defined as wanting or needing affection, attention, or reassurance, especially to an excessive degree.

If you were to know me, you wouldn’t see this in me at all. In fact, I complain to no end when other people are clingy or needy towards me. It seems life truly does have a sense of irony, as neediness is one of my many shadows.

When I find somebody I truly love or think that I love, as love is a strange drug. I become what I hate most……Needy. I become clingy, and I feel desperate, like I’m grabbing at strings trying to pull myself up to the pedestal of the one I love or lust for.

I gross myself to no end. I am, deep down, co-dependent and it’s something I do and will continue to work on. UGGGGGHHHHH!

I hope you enjoy the drawing of my SHADOW OF NEEDINESS.

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The Shadow of NeedinessThe Shadow of Neediness

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