The Demon of Lethargy

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One of our favorite, if not the consensus favorite drawing from our Ghosts & Demons & Shadows! Oh My! Contest, based on the drawing alone, was ‘The Demon of Lethargy.’

The contributor of this drawing only gave us the initials R.C., and we’ll call you Rilo after one of our collective favorite bands, Rilo Kiley. Yes, Rilo may have only an email as an identifier, but Rilo also left us this little piece of writing about the drawing, and we thank you for that.

“It’s that annoying voice in your head that says you are too tired. No energy to get out of bed and get on with your day. It’s a dream killer, and the more you listen to this demon the easier it gets to stay idle.”

It’s pretty fitting that I, Edward Ernest, post this today because this ‘Demon of Lethargy’ is actually having the best of me right now and I forced myself to wake from a slumber that could have lasted a thousand years.

Reading the above words ‘Dream Killer’ is actually motivating me to sit down and write this. Twenty minutes ago this didn’t seem possible at all. You see, this website and everything that’s gone into it is my dream. Just over a year ago, the idea of this place began to germinate inside of me and some days getting things organized and posted are way easier than others.

Today was supposed to be an easy day. However, formatting issues on the back end of this site took form and slowly turned into a nightmare. Actually, quickly turned into a nightmare. It’s hard to explain, but my partner Laurel Leaside gave me a nice virtual hug.

The formatting issues actually got me quite tired, and I needed to be away from my computer for awhile. I turned my focus to other site related things offline and one hour turned into two, and so on, and then I fell asleep. In my mind, as I lay on the office couch, was the thought. “You only need to do one post on the site today, no one will notice.” It was my own ‘Demon of Lethargy’ talking. My very own ‘Dream Killer.’ On the weekends, we only put out one post a day right now, so everyone that works here can get a rest, but the weekdays get two at a minimum. As I lay on the couch, it was killing me that only one thing had gone up today. KILLING ME!

I wiped the Lethargy from my eyes and went through the possibilities for a post and many of them were almost ready but not there quite yet. Some posts that were handed in needed some heavy editing and others needed some extra pizzaz……. Then I remembered ‘The Demon of Lethargy.’

How perfect would that be? “It was just meant to be,” I said out loud, as I had one eye open and I shook my head up and down like I was talking to myself and saying yes.

This is my dream. Writing about what makes us all tick. Creating a community of other writers that inspire me/make me laugh, and a community of people like you, who come here to read what we’ve made and sometimes join in on the fun as we explore our own mental health issues together. So today, there is no ‘Dream Killer,’ just a reminder that I’m going to beat ‘The Demon of Lethargy’ today and every day he/she/they try to stop me, and I hope you’re with me on that one too.

Here’s Rilo’s ‘Demon of Lethargy’ and you can see why it’s so hard to beat, as it’s just so damn cute. Enjoy!

Demon of Lethargy by Rilo

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