My Girlfriend Is A Cheating Alcoholic

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I love my girlfriend and I want to marry her, but when we go out, she drinks way too much. She ends up dancing with other guys and making out with girls and trying to bring them home for threesomes. She’s cheated on me many times, but when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember anything. I’ve showed her Snapchats and pictures and she just pleads the fifth saying she doesn’t recall and saying she won’t do it again. My parents love her but they aren’t fully aware of the extent of her alcoholism. I don’t know if I can commit to someone like this. How can I relay my concern without being too authoritative? 

Dear My Girlfriend Is A Cheating Alcoholic,

Stop being patient- it’s getting you nowhere. Your girlfriend’s alcoholism will not get any better until she begins to lose things around her. She needs to deal with he demons that are the root cause of her drinking. So it’s time to get your backbone ready for the good of you and for the benefit of her by getting on her case in every way.

Tell her that her memory doesn’t constitute as the deciding factor for faithfulness. Tell her that she doesn’t get the green light to live her trampy truth under the guise of “too much” alcohol. There were pictures. It happened. Be accountable. And if you don’t want to be accountable, there’s the door. If she doesn’t want to walk out that door, then tell her she needs to go to rehab.

If she ends up going to rehab, then you can be there to help her with recovery. If during the recovery process, she needs to be alone, meaning not in a relationship to tackle her demons, then love her by setting her free. If it was meant to be, you’ll find each other again when she’s ready to be in a relationship again.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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